I am mostly interested in how the perception that the average person (with my class as a sample) differs from literature (in Alexander). Either the narratives labeled as ‘victim’ that do not fit Alexander’s blaming model are inaccurate, or there is a distinction that must be made between the types of victim little narratives. In a system that aims to be organized, having drastic differences between victim narratives would not be beneficial to aide the research.


T=true victim F=false victim

How does our perception of victim narratives differ from the actual definition?

https://medium.com/rising-cairn/i-hate-reading-42d8f8016937 (F)

https://medium.com/rising-cairn/learning-to-not-hate-english-a3b19b28eb4d  (F)

https://medium.com/rising-cairn/education-8fb45f2374cf  (T)

https://medium.com/rising-cairn/a-nervous-little-reader-7f2269a126a9 (F)

https://medium.com/rising-cairn/evan-dodge-6223e9010f8e (T)


Can victim narratives have a happy ending?

https://medium.com/rising-cairn/burdos-lesson-3fc783bf6a86 (T)

https://medium.com/rising-cairn/the-first-sentence-literacy-narrative-71bce007be6e (F)

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