Work Sample: Cross-cultural analysis

One the more integrative assignments within my psychology course dealt with investigating the differences between two cultural or ethnic groups (within the realm of psychological concepts within lifespan). It was a little difficult to find a topic. But I am glad that I picked the Sami, and Norwegian culture/ethnicity. I wasn’t even aware that there was an indigenous group that lived in the Nordic countries before, let alone that the culture of these indigenous people was still alive. This case is especially fascinating because the cultures exist within the same area, and so therefore most, if not all, of the differences are caused by separate cultural and ethnic entities, not environmental influences. This project was able to integrate two critical aspects of the course: the developmental concepts (in this case, parenting styles), as well as the cultural awareness that is a necessary exposure within the college experience.  

Asmus Cross-Cultural Mini-Lecture

Psy-250 cross-cultural (without notes)