Document Work (MLA)

The citations below are directly from the chosen significant writing project, and demonstrate my ability to use MLA to properly document my sources. By using the required texts for the class, including the Little Seagull Handbook, my citation skills have improved. Finding the appropriate credit for each piece, for example finding the name of the Journal or publisher, used to be one of the more challenging parts of appropriately citing. This is now an easier, and faster process because I have become used to identifying where each part of the citation can be found within the source material. Even with unconventional sources, such as the Rising Cairn database narrative examples, I was able to figure out a way to accurately represent the source of which to credit. Despite the link itself leading to the Medium site, I still used Rising Cairn in my citation based on the idea that Rising Cairn acts as the database that contains each narrative.


Works Cited

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