My name is Francesca Asmus, and I am currently from New Hampshire. I graduated from Bedford High school but went to two other high schools before that.

I am a Neuroscience major on the Pre-med track with an art minor. Although I would like to go to medical school, I am still open to wherever my career may lead. I am currently the president of neuroscience club, a member of Dr. Stevenson’s lab, and the secretary of alliance.

I enjoy reading when I have enough free time, but I am very particular about the books I actually finish. When I was younger, I recall reading as many Nancy Drew books as I could find in the school library. However, in the past few years I have mostly been reading novels by the famous neurologist, Oliver Sacks. His writing contributed to my decision in major, but my favorite book is actually his last novel, Gratitude. Although it had very little to do with neuroscience, it still heavily impacted who I am as a person.

Besides reading, most of my passions outside of my career involve drawing (I still haven’t decided if I like painting, but I still do it occasionally), cooking, and my dogs and chickens back at home. I have two wonderful dogs, one of which was a recent addition and is still getting used to the snow. Meanwhile, our eight chickens may live out of the house in their own homemade coop. In my senior year of high school, besides building a chicken coop, I painted a mural for my school’s science hall. I felt that it showed a combination of most of my interests, so it can be seen below.