The class data of a variety of rising cairn narratives was used as a sample to describe the tendency to misidentify narratives as fitting a little victim narrative. This tendency may be due to the definition of little victim narratives being too general. From there it became necessary to create a more descriptive definition of victim narratives, and further subcategories were determined based on patterns of blame and end results of the narratives. This further description of the victim narrative hopefully helps prevent further misidentification, especially to aid from mislabeling individuals under the more negative connotations of the victim little narrative if they don’t actually fit into the narrative. It is also essential to be as accurate as possible when collecting data, as rising cairn is trying to do, so a more descriptive definition may lead to more accurate results. The limitations to this idea, however, are the perception changes that occur throughout the process. The writer must describe their perspective, the reader must then attempt to match their perspective of the writer’s  perspective to the perspective of a completely different author. These changes will always lead to some confusion. It is also possible that some victim narratives do not fit my further description, or perhaps fulfills both ends of the spectrum at different times. These all complicate the process.

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