Significant Writing Process

Literacy narrative analysis: Victim vs Survivor

victim vs survivor first draft  pdf

Victim vs Survivor final pdf

The literacy narrative analysis examined the pre-existing knowledge of victim narratives, and how this knowledge is applied to those that have written narratives. Kara Poe Alexander, and Bronwyn Williams provide evidence of accumulated knowledge, and extensions of the knowledge onto other writer’s narratives. Alexander defines the most categories and implications, and was my main source of evidence for the project. In my analysis, I investigated the definition of victim narrative, and how effective it is when applied to actual victim narratives. From the evidence I gathered, I determined that a better operational definition of the victim little narrative would be necessary. Based on other people’s victim narratives, I attempted a revision to the definition that would possibly more accurately identify victim narratives.

I chose this project because I felt that I was most able to add to the discussion of literacy narratives that was taking place. Instead of just adding on to what already existed, I created my own categories based on the class data. I felt as though this best exemplified my ability to engage in a literacy discussion.